1. Populist Referendum: Was Brexit an Expression of Nativist and Anti-Elitist Sentiment? (with Brian Rathbun, Jason Reifer, and Tom Scotto), Research & Politics, 2018, 5 (2).

Working papers

1. Economic Decline and Diversionary Rhetoric on Social Media: Time Series Analysis (with Pablo Barbera, Anita Gohdes, and Thomas Zeitzoff)

2. From Riot Police to Tweets: How World Leaders Use Social Media during Contentious Politics (with Pablo Barbera, Anita Gohdes, and Thomas Zeitzoff)

3. Networks of Power: Analyzing Popularity Patterns of World Leaders on Social Media (with Adam Badawy)

4. Engineering Depolarization: Experimental Interventions to Reduce Partisan Bias (with Gabrielle Cheung)

5. Near Crises in World Politics: A New Data Set and Analysis of Escalation Processes (with Patrick James)

Other Writings

This new poll shows that populism doesn’t stem from people’s economic distress. Oct 19, 2017. The Washington Post - Monkey Cage (with Brian Rathbun and Kathleen Powers).